Zalat RDM S3 High Ankle Safety Shoes, Gumboots Tan

Zalat RDM S3 High Ankle Safety Shoes, Gumboots - Tan

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    Zalat RDM S3 High Ankle Safety Shoes are a type of work boots that are designed to provide protection and safety in industrial and construction environments. They are made with S3 safety standards, which means they are equipped with toe protection, a puncture-resistant sole, and water resistance. The high ankle design provides additional support and protection to the ankle area.

    Gumboots, on the other hand, are waterproof boots that are commonly used in wet or muddy conditions. They are typically made of rubber or other water-resistant materials to keep the feet dry and comfortable. Zalat RDM Gumboots are often used in agriculture, mining, and other outdoor activities where protection from water and mud is important.

    The "Tan" color likely refers to the color of the Zalat RDM S3 High Ankle Gumboots. It is a light brown or beige shade.

    • Breathable Genuine Leather
    • Oil Resistant
    • Steel Toe & Steel Plate
    • Energy Absorbing Heels
    • Padded Insole With Brown Cambrelle Lining
    • Outsole: Double Density PU

    Brand : Zalat

    Type : Safety Shoe

    Model : RDM (S3-SRC STANDARD)

    Outsole : Double Density PU

    Color : Tan/Brown

    Lining : Brown

    Toe Type : Steel Toe

    Material : Leather

    Oil Resistant : Yes

    Ankle Type : High

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