Vita Junior Cotton Wet Mop with Holder & Metal Handle 160gms - White

Vita Junior Cotton Wet Mop with Holder & Metal Handle 160gms - White

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    Vita Junior Cotton Wet Mop 160gms With Holder & Metal Handle is a cleaning tool used for wet mopping floors. The mop head is made of cotton material, which is highly absorbent and effective in picking up dirt, spills, and other debris from the floor surface. It is attached to a holder, which is a frame or clamp that holds the cotton mop securely in place. The holder allows for easy removal and replacement of the mop head when it becomes worn out or dirty.

    The mop comes with a metal handle, which provides a sturdy and durable grip for the user. It is typically long enough to reach across a wide area, making mopping more efficient. The mop is white in color. The total weight of the mop is 160 grams, which indicates the weight of the mop head, holder, and metal handle combined.

    Vita Junior Cotton Wet Mop 160gms With Holder & Metal Handle is commonly used in household cleaning, janitorial services, and commercial cleaning applications to maintain cleanliness and hygiene on various types of flooring surfaces. The cotton material is suitable for absorbing liquid, making it ideal for mopping up spills and general floor cleaning tasks. The metal handle ensures that the mop is easy to maneuver and provides durability for prolonged use.


    • Tough performance for general maintenance jobs Headband 4-ply blended cotton/rayon/polyester looped end mop is ideal for tough industrial jobs
    • Looped ends resist tangling
    • The tail band provides a wide surface span and even coverage Headband and the single tail band are color coded for a glance size identification
    • Machine wash
    • Durable, Long life & Energy efficient mop
    • Manufactured with a high concentration of antimicrobial fiber to provide bacterial resistance and superior longevity in health-care application
    • 50% reduction in drying time compared to cotton blended mops
    • Increased resistance to chemicals
    • Made with reinforced polyester headbands and double tail bands for added durability
    • Anti-microbial

    Brand : Vita

    Item Name : Cotton Wet Mop With Holder & Metal Handle

    Model : CJ9008FMJUNIOR160GMS + MH

    Color : White

    Material : Blended cotton/rayon/polyester

    Weight : 160g

    Made in Taiwan

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