Vibrant HD Fiber Manhole Cover - 50 X 50, Black

Vibrant HD Fiber Manhole Cover - 50 X 50, Black

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Type:Manhole Cover

    Vibrant HD Fiber Manhole Cover is a high-definition fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) manhole cover with dimensions of 50 x 50 inches. It is designed to be used as a replacement for traditional cast iron manhole covers.

    The use of fiber-reinforced plastic in manhole covers offers several advantages over cast iron. Vibrant HD Fiber Manhole Cover is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and non-conductive, making them easier to handle, install, and maintain. They are also less prone to theft since they do not have any scrap value.

    • It is easy to handle the manhole cover.
    • Locked Facility Available In Manhole Cover with Hinges.
    • Suitable for commercial, residential, and municipal applications.
    • This kind of cover will not be corroded by rainwater or moving vehicles and comes with appropriate fitting.

    Brand : Vibrant

    Type : Manhole Cover

    Material : Fiber

    Color : Black

    Shape : Square

    Size : 50 X 50

    Quantity : 1 Pcs

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