Vaultex VPU Uncorded Ear Plug 1 box Orange

Vaultex VPU Uncorded Ear Plug, 1 box - Orange

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Type:Ear Plug

    Vaultex VPU Uncorded Ear Plug is a type of hearing protection device designed to reduce noise exposure in various environments. This is a foam earplug that comes in an orange color, making it highly visible and easy to locate. It is designed to fit comfortably in the ear canal, creating a secure seal that helps block out noise.

    The NRR is a rating system used to indicate the effectiveness of earplugs in reducing noise. Vaultex Ear Plug typically has an NRR of 32 decibels (dB), which means it can reduce noise levels by up to 32 dB when properly inserted. These earplugs are made from soft, low-pressure polyurethane foam, which is hypoallergenic and suitable for most users. 

    Vaultex VPU Uncorded Ear Plug design feature makes them convenient to use, especially in situations where there is no need to keep the earplugs around the neck or easily accessible.

    • Soft Hypoallergenic PU Foam Plug
    • Tapered Design Offers Easy Insertion And Removal
    • Gently Expands And Self Adjusts To All Size Ear Canals
    • Offers Excellent Noise Reduction
    • Provides a Comfortable Seal Without Pressure
    • Smooth
    • Dirt-Resistant Surface For Hygiene
    • Pairs Packaged In Individual Poly Bags And Flip Out Tray Pack For User Comfort.
    • NRR - 32 dB
    • SNR - 37 dB

      Brand : Vaultex

      Type : Uncorded Ear Plug

      Model : VPU

      Quantity : 200 pairs / box

      Material : Polyurethane

      Color : Orange

      Digital Noise Reduction : NRR: 32 dB, SNR: 37 dB

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