Vaultex NKE 2 Ply Polyester Webbing Sling - 7:1, Red

Vaultex NKE 2 Ply Polyester Webbing Sling - 7:1, Red

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Type:Webbing Sling

    Vaultex NKE 2 Ply Polyester Webbing Sling is a lifting sling designed for heavy-duty lifting applications. It has a safety factor of 7:1, which means it is rated to handle loads up to seven times its working load limit (WLL). The sling is made of polyester webbing, which is known for its high strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion. Polyester webbing is also lightweight and flexible, making it easier to handle during lifting operations.

    The sling features a 2-ply construction, which means it consists of two layers of polyester webbing stitched together. This design enhances the strength and load-bearing capacity of the sling. The sling is red in color. 

    Vaultex NKE 2 Ply Polyester Webbing Sling is commonly used in various industries for lifting and rigging purposes. They are suitable for a wide range of loads and can be used in construction, manufacturing, transportation, and other lifting applications.

    • Heavy duty high strength polyester flat webbing sling strap
    • The working load can reach about 5000kg/5 ton

      Brand : Vaultex

      Type : Polyester Webbing Sling

      Model : NKE

      Material : 100% PES

      Color : Red

      Size : 125MM X 6M

      Capacity : 5 Ton

      Safety Factor : 7:1

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