SCI TAS Metal Hand Trolley With Soft Cushion & Rope - 88cm x 59cm

SCI TAS Metal Hand Trolley With Soft Cushion & Rope - 88cm x 59cm

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Collections:Building Materials
Type:Hand Trolley

    SCI TAS Metal Hand Trolley With Soft Cushion & Rope is a versatile piece of equipment used for transporting heavy objects or materials. It is designed to make moving items more convenient and efficient, particularly in industrial, commercial, or warehouse settings. It is made of durable metal, such as steel or aluminum, to provide strength and stability while carrying heavy loads.

    The trolley may come with a soft cushion or padding on the platform where the items are placed. This cushioning helps protect the items from damage during transportation and provides a non-slip surface. It is typically equipped with a rope or strap that can be used to secure the items in place. This helps prevent them from sliding or falling off the trolley while in transit.

    The trolley is mounted on wheels, usually two or four, to facilitate smooth movement. The wheels may be made of rubber or other durable materials and can be swivel or fixed, depending on the model. It will have a specified load capacity, indicating the maximum weight it can safely carry. It is important to adhere to this limit to ensure the trolley's structural integrity and prevent accidents or damage.

    SCI TAS Metal Hand Trolley With Soft Cushion & Rope is a practical solution for transporting heavy items within a workplace, reducing strain on the operator and increasing efficiency. It is commonly used in warehouses, factories, construction sites, and other similar environments where the movement of heavy objects is required.

    • Provides durability, strength, and resistance to rust or corrosion
    • Transport goods and heavy loads with ease
    • Used in various industries, warehouses, and retail environments

    Brand : SCI

    Type : Metal Hand Trolley With Soft Cushion & Rope

    Model : TAS

    Color : Red & Black

    Material : Metal

    Size : 88 cm X 59 cm

    Capacity : 300 Kg

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