SCI DAR Plastic Hand Trolley With 5 Wheels - 107cm X 64cm

SCI DAR Plastic Hand Trolley With 5 Wheels - 107cm X 64cm

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Collections:Building Materials
Type:Hand Trolley

    SCI DAR Plastic Hand Trolley With 5 Wheels is a type of trolley or cart designed for transporting goods and materials. The trolley is typically made of durable plastic material, which makes it lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Plastic construction also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. It usually has a pair of handrails or handles positioned at a comfortable height, allowing the user to push or pull the trolley with ease.

    The trolley is designed to carry a certain weight capacity, which can vary depending on the specific model. Be sure to check the manufacturer's specifications to determine the maximum load it can handle. The trolley is equipped with five wheels for enhanced stability and maneuverability. The wheels are typically made of rubber or plastic and can swivel to facilitate movement in different directions.

    The dimensions of the SCI DAR Plastic Hand Trolley can vary, but it is generally designed to be compact and portable. The size of the platform or base where you place your items can also vary, accommodating different loads. Some trolleys feature a foldable design, allowing for easy storage and transportation when not in use. This can be especially convenient if space is limited.

    • Provides durability, lightweight, and resistance to rust or corrosion
    • Transport goods and heavy loads with ease
    • Used in various industries, warehouses, and retail environments

      Brand : SCI

      Type : Plastic Hand Trolley With 5 Wheels

      Model : DAR

      Color : Blue

      Material : Plastic

      Size : 107cm X 64cm

      Capacity : 500 Kg

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