Schneider Electric EVH4S07NC Charging Station EVlink Home, 1P+N, attached cable 5m, 7.4kW, 32A, with RDC-DD

Schneider Electric EVH4S07NC Charging Station EVlink Home, 1P+N, attached cable 5m, 7.4kW, 32A, with RDC-DD

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Brand:Schneider Electric
Type:Charging Station

    Schneider Electric EVH4S07NC Charging Station is an electric vehicle (EV) charging station designed to provide charging capabilities for electric vehicles. 1P+N is the Charging station type, which is a single-phase (1P) charging station with a neutral (N) wire. This type of charging station is commonly used for residential charging. It comes with an attached cable that is 5 meters long. This cable is used to connect the charging station to the electric vehicle.

    The charging station has a power rating of 7.4 kilowatts (kW). This indicates the maximum power output it can deliver to the electric vehicle. The charging station is capable of delivering a maximum current of 32 amperes (A). Current is a measure of the flow of electric charge and determines the rate at which the vehicle's battery is charged.

    • Effortless and fast charging
    • Reliable & secure
    • Minimizing the risk of electrical hazards
    • Any direct current leakage is promptly detected and disconnected



    Brand : Schneider Electric

    Item Name : Charging Station

    Model : EVH4S07NC

    Rated Supply Voltage : 230 V AC 50 Hz +/- 10 %

    Ambient Air Temperature For Storage : -40-85 °C

    Color : White (RAL 9003)

    Control Type : Red 1 Emergency Stop

    Function : 1 push-Button

    Depth : 148mm

    Height : 409mm

    IK Degree Of Protection : IK10 conforming to IEC 62262

    IP Degree Of Protection : IP55 conforming to EN/IEC 60529

    Mounting Type : Wall-Mounted

    Operating Altitude : 0...2000 m

    Poles Description : 1P + N

    Certifications : CE, UKCA

    Component Type : Charging Station

    Protection Type : Earth-Leakage Protection

    Range : EVlink

    Relative Humidity : 5-95 %

    Socket Number : 1

    Width : 282 mm

    Offer Type : Basic

    Number Of Inputs : 1

    Output Type Attached Cable : T2 Bottom And Top Centre Of Enclosure 5 m

    Nominal Output Power : 7.4 kW 32 A 230 V

    Input Type : Auxiliary For Dynamic Energy Management

    Maximum Supply Current : 32 A

    Ambient Air Temperature For Operation : -30-50 °C

    Standards : EN 61851, IEC 61851-1, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3

    Local Signalling : Red, Green & Blue 1 LED; Function: Status Indication

    Earthing System : TT, TN-S

    Net Weight : 4.5 kg

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