Schneider Electric E8733SMATV_WE TV, FM Socket White

Schneider Electric E8733SMATV_WE TV, FM Socket - White

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Brand:Schneider Electric
Type:TV/FM Socket

    Schneider Electric E8733SMATV_WE TV/FM Socket is an electrical socket that is used for connecting a television or FM radio in a household or commercial setting. It is a type of connector designed to transmit audio and video signals over coaxial cables. These sockets are commonly used to connect televisions, FM radios, cable boxes, satellite receivers, and other audio/video equipment to an antenna, cable service, or other signal source.

    The socket usually consists of a threaded metal connector surrounded by an insulating material, often in a wall plate or panel. The connector is compatible with coaxial cables, which have a central conductor surrounded by insulation and a metallic shield. This design allows for efficient transmission of signals without significant interference or loss. Coaxial cable is commonly used for transmitting television signals, radio frequencies, and broadband internet connections due to its efficient signal transmission capabilities. 

    • Provides connectivity for television and FM radio signals
    • Wall-mounted outlet



    Brand : Schneider Electric

    Item Name : TV/FM socket

    Model : E8733SMATV_WE

    Color : White

    Device Application : Communication

    Device Mounting : Flush, Surface

    Device Presentation : Complete Product

    IP Degree Of Protection : IP20

    Material : PC (Polycarbonate)

    Range : AvatarOn

    Tv Socket Type : TV/SAT

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