Scafatio SCA-5355-19 Measuring Tape - 5 X 19mm, Yellow

Scafatio SCA-5355-19 Measuring Tape - 5 X 19mm, Yellow

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Collections:Hand Tools Tools
Type:Retractable Tape

    Scafatio SCA-5355-19 Measuring Tape is a retractable measuring tape that is commonly used for measuring distances, lengths, and dimensions. They are portable and feature a self-retracting mechanism that allows the tape to be quickly and easily wound back into its case after use. The 5 X 19mm dimension refers to the width and thickness of the tape itself.

    Yellow is a common color for measuring tapes, often chosen for high visibility and easy identification on the job site. It can be particularly useful in low-light conditions or when working with materials that may camouflage the tape's markings.

    • Versatile and portable tools for quickly measuring lengths and distances.
    • Positive blade lock for accurate measurements
    • Impact resistant and provides Anti-Slip Hold

    Brand : Scafatio

    Type : Measuring Tape

    Model : SCA-5355-19

    Color : Yellow & Black

    Size : 5 X 19mm

    Quantity : 1 Pcs

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