Scafatio HD Shade Net 180GSM 3% VAR - 2M X 50YDX, Beige

Scafatio HD Shade Net 180GSM 3% VAR - 2M X 50YDX, Beige

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Type:Shade Net

    Scafatio HD Shade Net 180GSM 3% VAR is a type of netting material designed to provide shade and protection from sunlight. It has a density of 180 grams per square meter (GSM), which indicates the weight of the fabric. The "3% VAR" refers to the variation in shade percentage across the net. 

    The dimension is 2m x 50yd, which indicates the width and length of the shade net. The width is 2 meters, which is approximately 6.6 feet, and the length is 50 yards, which is about 150 feet. Beige is a popular choice for shade nets as it blends well with outdoor environments and provides a natural appearance.

    Overall, Scafatio HD Shade Net 180GSM 3% VAR is durable and versatile that can be used for various applications such as shading plants in a garden, creating privacy screens, or providing sun protection in outdoor spaces.

    • Durable and versatile
    • 180GSM Thickness
    • Provide shade and protection from sunlight

    Brand : Scafatio

    Type : Shade Net

    Model : HD

    Size : 2M X 50YDX

    Thickness : 180GSM

    Color : Beige

    VAR : 3%

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