Sanitar VERITA Shattaf With PVC Hose, White

Sanitar VERITA Shattaf With PVC Hose - White

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Type:Shattaf Set

    Sanitar VERITA Shattaf With PVC Hose is a bathroom accessory used for personal hygiene purposes. It is commonly known as a bidet sprayer or a handheld bidet. It consists of two main components: the handheld sprayer and the PVC hose. The handheld sprayer is designed to deliver a controlled spray of water for cleaning the genital and anal areas after using the toilet. It usually features a trigger to control the water flow.

    The PVC hose connects the handheld sprayer to the water source, typically the water supply line of the toilet or a separate valve. The hose is flexible and durable to maneuver the sprayer comfortably. Sanitar VERITA Shattaf With PVC Hose comes in white, which is a common color for bathroom fixtures and accessories. White is a versatile color that blends well with most bathroom decor styles.

    • Flexible handheld design, comfortable grip feel, and chrome finish make the bathroom sprayer meet expectations.
    • High-quality materials used
    • Durable & resistant to corrosion.

    Brand : Sanitar

    Type : Shattaf Set

    Model : VERITA

    Material : PVC

    Color : White

    Quantity : 1 Pcs

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