Sanitar SANI-2W51-HT 2 Way Bibcock - Zinc & Brass

Sanitar SANI-2W51-HT 2 Way Bibcock - Zinc & Brass

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    Sanitar SANI-2W51-HT 2 Way Bibcock is a type of plumbing valve designed for controlling the flow of water. It is made of a combination of zinc and brass materials, which provide durability and corrosion resistance. It is designed in a two-way configuration, allowing for two separate outlets to control the flow of water independently. 

    The bibcock is primarily made of brass, which is a common material used in plumbing due to its excellent resistance to corrosion and high durability. The addition of zinc enhances the strength and structural integrity of the bibcock. It is used for both domestic and industrial purposes. It can be installed in outdoor faucets, garden hoses, or other plumbing systems where two independent water outlets are required.

    The bibcock typically has a lever-style handle that can be turned to control the flow of water. The handle is usually easy to grip and operate. Sanitar SANI-2W51-HT 2 Way Bibcock is designed for standard plumbing installations. It can be connected to the existing water supply system using appropriate fittings and seals.

    • Controls the flow and temperature of the water
    • Low-maintenance and easy to clean
    • Durable & corrosion resistance

    Brand : Sanitar

    Type : Bibcock

    Model : SANI-2W51-HT

    Material : Zinc & Brass

    Finish : Stainless Steel

    Quantity : 1 Pcs

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