Roots Scrub E 350 Cylindrical Deck Scrubber Drier 1340W

Roots Scrub E 350 Cylindrical Deck Scrubber Drier - 1340W

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Brand:Roots Multiclean Ltd
Type:Scrubber Drier

    Roots Scrub E 350 Cylindrical Deck Scrubber Drier is a cleaning machine used to scrub and dry floors in various commercial and industrial settings. It is designed to handle larger floor areas efficiently and is commonly used in places like warehouses, factories, shopping malls, and airports. The machine utilizes cylindrical brushes or pads to clean the floor, as opposed to traditional flat scrubber driers that use rotary or disc brushes.

    The scrubber drier utilizes cylindrical brushes or pads to scrub the floor surface. These cylindrical brushes rotate, agitating and cleaning the floor as the machine moves forward. The machine is equipped with a dual function: scrubbing and drying. The scrubbing action removes dirt, stains, and grime from the floor surface, while the drying function helps to suction away the residual water and leave the floor dry and safe for foot traffic.

    Roots Scrub E 350 Cylindrical Deck Scrubber Drier features a water tank that holds the cleaning solution. It should have a powerful suction system to effectively remove the water and cleaning solution from the floor, leaving it dry and reducing the risk of slipping. The scrubber drier may include safety features such as automatic shut-off when the water tank is full or when the machine is not in use to prevent potential damage and hazards.

    • It is a compact, robust, and handy scrubber drier with two counter-rotating brushes, designed for effective cleaning of floors and joints. It has two squeegees with
    • Independent suction for both wet scrubbing and dry cleaning, both in forward and reverse directions. Needs only limited space for storage and transport as the operating handle is foldable. An ideal machine for commercial and industrial cleaning.
    • Twin cylindrical brushes for optimum cleaning of structured floors.
    • Easy and quick brush replacement.
    • Portable solution tanks eliminate the need for buckets and pipes for filling or emptying.
    • The small size enables the machine to clean restricted spaces and under furniture.
    • Optimal utilization of squeegees for effective suction.

        Brand : Roots

        Item Name : Cylindrical Deck Scrubber Drier

        Model : RTSE350SCRUBBER

        Scrubbing Width : 350mm

        Effective Suction Width : 450mm

        Theoretical Area Coverage : 1400m2/h

        Working Speed : Up to 4Km/h

        Airflow Rate : 38L/sec

        Vacuum Pressure : 1563 H2O

        Power Supply : 230/50 V/Hz

        Total Power : 1340W

        Brush Motor : 600W

        Vacuum Motor Power : 850W

        No. Of Brushes : 2 No.

        Diameter of Brush : 100mm

        Brush Speed : 650rpm

        Brush Load : 19Kg

        Fresh Water Tank : 10L

        Dirty water Tank : 11L

        Dimensions : 700 x 470 x 540 (L x W x H) mm

        Total Weight Empty : 43Kg

        Total Weight Ready To Operate : 53Kg

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