Roots Flipper Manual Sweeper 40L

Roots Flipper Plus Manual Sweeper - 40L

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Brand:Roots Multiclean Ltd
Type:Sweeper Machine

    Roots Flipper Plus Manual Sweeper is a manual sweeper or push broom, is a simple cleaning device designed to efficiently and easily remove dust, dirt, debris, and small litter from various surfaces. It typically consists of a sturdy frame with two or more rotating brushes or rollers that pick up dirt and transfer it into an onboard dustbin or collection compartment.

    Flippers could be used in various contexts, such as swim fins for swimming or a spatula-like tool for flipping food in cooking. A manual sweeper is a cleaning tool used to sweep and collect dust, dirt, and debris from floors without the need for electricity or batteries. It's a manual and straightforward alternative to a traditional vacuum cleaner.

    • It is a hand-pushed sweeping machine for excellent manual sweeping.
    • Sturdy, rust-free, lightweight, heavy-duty self-collecting dirt hopper.
    • Incorporated with new innovative anti-wrap technology- which facilitates easy cleaning.
    • Ergonomic handle with height adjustment to suit the operator’s height.
    • Newly designed split-half brushes ensure easy replacement, when necessary.
    • Sweeping performance up to 2600 sq.m per hour.
    • Suitable for both Indoor & Outdoors

        Brand : Roots

        Item Name : Flipper + Manual Sweeper

        Model : RTSFLIPPER

        Sweeping Width (With Side Broom) : 650mm

        Sweeping Width (Without Side Broom) : 460mm

        Theoretical Area Coverage : 2600m.sq/hr

        Dirt Hopper Capacity : 40L

        Length (Without/With Side Broom) : 800/1000mm

        Width (Without/With Side Broom) : 725/785mm

        Height (Without/With Handle) : 400/1020mm

        Weight : 23.5kg

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