Mr. Brush MR830.24 Toilet Brush White

Mr. Brush MR830.24 Toilet Brush - White

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Brand:Mr. Brush
Type:Toilet Brush

    Mr. Brush MR830.24 Toilet Brush is a cleaning tool designed specifically for cleaning toilets. It consists of a long handle, usually made of plastic or metal, and a brush head at the end. The brush head is typically made of tough and durable bristles, often in a rounded shape.

    The purpose of a toilet brush is to effectively scrub and remove stains, dirt, and bacteria from the inside of the toilet bowl. It's an essential tool for maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom. Toilet brushes are typically kept in a holder or caddy near the toilet to prevent any drips or mess on the bathroom floor. 

    Overall, Mr. Brush MR830.24 Toilet Brush is a simple yet essential tool that helps maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of one of the most frequently used fixtures in any household or public restroom.

    • This toilet brush is crafted from durable plastic and finished in a white color to suit any bathroom decor.
    • Tough bristles, and constructed in tough plastic.

        Brand : Mr. Brush

        Item Name : Toilet Brush

        Model : MR830.24

        Colour : White

        Material : Plastic

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