Hygiene System Sponge Wiper with Metal Handle 45cm - Beige & Black

Hygiene System Sponge Wiper with Metal Handle 45cm - Beige & Black

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Brand:Hygiene System
Collections:Household Supplies
Type:Floor Wiper

    Hygiene System Sponge Wiper 45cm With Metal Handle is a cleaning tool commonly used for wiping surfaces and cleaning various areas in homes, offices, and other spaces. It has a sponge or absorbent material attached to one side of the head, which is used for cleaning and absorbing liquids or spills. The other side of the head might have a wiper or squeegee feature to help remove excess moisture and leave surfaces dry and streak-free. The metal handle provides durability and strength, making it easier to apply pressure when wiping surfaces.


    • Easy to use
    • Clean the wet and dry floors without leaving behind any watermarks.
    • Provides a firm grip while holding and cleaning the surfaces.
    • It cleans the tough stains easily and with proper effectiveness.
    • Comfortable to hold and very easy to use.

            Brand : Hygiene System

            Item Name : Sponge Wiper With Handle

            Model : MV002 + MH

            Length : 45cm

            Color : Beige & Black

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