Hygiene System Para Deodorant Block Plastic Drum 3kg White & Yellow

Hygiene System Para Deodorant Block Plastic Drum 3kg - White & Yellow

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Brand:Hygiene System
Type:Para Deodorant Block

    Hygiene System Para Deodorant Block Plastic Drum is used in commercial or industrial settings to control odors and maintain hygiene. These deodorant blocks are commonly used in washrooms, restrooms, urinals, or other areas where controlling unwanted odors is essential. It is likely a plastic container with a capacity of 3 kilograms. The drum's size suggests that it contains a significant amount of deodorant blocks, making it suitable for high-traffic areas that require regular maintenance.

    White & Yellow colors could indicate the appearance of the deodorant blocks. It is common for these blocks to come in various colors to distinguish different fragrances or scents. Overall, Hygiene System Para Deodorant Block Plastic Drum is designed to provide effective odor control and maintain hygiene in commercial or industrial facilities. 

    • It is a small disinfectant block found in urinals. 
    • It disinfects, reduces odors, or mask odors of restroom urinals.
    • Air-activated
    • Clean and deodorizes the unpleasant odors

        Brand : Hygiene System

        Type : Para Deodorant Block

        Model : AZPARABLOCKS

        Colour : White, Yellow

        Appearance : Solid

        Odor : Moth powder smell

        Weight : 3 Kg

        Dimensions : 240(diameter) x 195(H)

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