Hygiene System Cotton Round Wet Mop with Holder 400gms PKHS400 - White

Hygiene System Cotton Round Wet Mop with Holder 400gms PKHS400 - White

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Brand:Hygiene System
Collections:Household Supplies
Type:Mop With Holder

    Hygiene System PKHS400 Cotton Round Wet Mop 400gms With Holder is a type of cleaning mop designed for wet cleaning tasks, such as mopping floors. The mop head is made from cotton, which is known for its absorbency and effectiveness in picking up dirt and spills. A 400-gram mop head would be considered medium-sized and suitable for regular household or light commercial use. The mop comes with a holder which is used to attach the mop head securely to a mop handle.


    • These commercial-grade mops contain larger, longer and flatter heads compared to domestic mops and are capable of transferring a greater amount of cleaning water for larger surface areas.
    • High absorption and effective

    Brand : Hygiene System

    Type : Wet Mop

    Color : White

    Material : Cotton

    Weight : 400Gms

    Product Code : PKHS400 WET MOP WITH CLIP

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