Gazelle G80267 Spring Divider, 8 Inch

Gazelle Spring Divider, 8 Inch G80267

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Type:Spring Divider

    Gazelle G80267 Spring Divider is a measuring and marking tool used in a variety of areas including woodworking, metalworking, and drafting. It usually consists of two legs connected at one end by a pivot point, with an adjustment screw that allows the distance between the two legs to be adjusted. The legs are usually tapered and have sharp tips for precise marking. The maximum span between its two legs is 8 inches.

    • Made of high-grade polished steel
    • Legs are well-finished and balanced
    • Spring is hardened and tempered
    • Solid nut and washer permit fast and positive adjustment
    • Heat-treated points to give an accurate measurement

    Brand : Gazelle

    Type : Spring Divider

    Model : G80267

    Size : 200mm (8 Inch)

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