FB12.1830 Fire Blanket - 1.2M  X 1.8M

FB12.1830 Fire Blanket - 1.2M X 1.8M

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Collections:Safety Items Workwear
Type:Fire Blanket

    FB12.1830 Fire Blanket is a fire safety device designed to help extinguish small fires by smothering them and cutting off the oxygen supply. Fire blankets are typically made of flame-resistant materials like fiberglass or wool treated with fire-retardant chemicals. They are stored in a protective case or bag and can be easily accessed in case of an emergency. When deployed, the blanket is placed over the fire, and its insulating properties help to suppress the flames.

  • Made Of 100% Fibre Glass Fabric
  • Quick Release Pull Tapes
  • Wall-Mount Design
  • Easy To Install And Use In An Emergency.
  • Smoothes Flames To Minimize Burn Injuries Or Prevents Fire From Spreading.


    Type : Fire Blanket

    Model : FB12.1830

    Material : Fiberglass Fabric

    Size : 1.2 x 1.8 Mtrs

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