Einhell BT-PS 1000 Energiestation 12 Volt

Einhell BT-PS 1000 Energiestation 12 Volt

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Type:Vehicle Battery Chargers

    Portable and handy power supply for 12 V direct current. With a suitable connection cable the DC terminals of the BT-PS 1000/1 is ideal for connecting radio, television, laptops, mobile phone etc. The energy station provides with the starting aid function a help by starting problems of car with petrol motor and motor-bike. A powerful compressor mounted in the rear produces compressed air up to 18 bar and is suitable for inflating footballs and little air mattress etc. A 3 watts light is integrated in the impact resistant housing provided with handle.

    • 12 V | 10 A Terminal
    • 18 bar Compressor (integrated)
    • Accumulator of 12 V | 10000 mAh

    Brand : Einhell

    Model : BT-PS 1000

    Color : Blue

    Mains : 230 V ~ 50 Hz

    Outlet-nominal voltage : 15 V

    Outlet-nominal current : 500 mA

    Outlet-nominal power : 7.5 VA

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