Dow Dowsil 799EU Neutral Silicone Sealant, 310ml Clear

Dow Dowsil 799EU Neutral Silicone Sealant, 310ml - Clear

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Type:Silicone Sealant

    Dow Dowsil 799EU Neutral Silicone Sealant is a high-quality, one-component silicone sealant that is designed to provide excellent adhesion and weather resistance. It comes in a 310ml tube and is clear in color.

    Dow Dowsil Neutral Silicone Sealant does not release any acidic or caustic by-products during curing. This makes it ideal for use on sensitive materials such as natural stone and concrete, as it will not cause any discoloration or corrosion.

    This silicone sealant is suitable for sealing and bonding a wide range of surfaces including glass, metal, ceramics, and plastics. It is also resistant to water, weather, and UV radiation, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This silicone adhesive can be used for a variety of applications, including sealing windows, doors, and gutters, as well as for general construction and DIY projects.

    • Excellent weathering characteristics.
    • Excellent adhesion to polycarbonate.
    • Transparent silicone is a better bonding agent.
    • Waterproof after curing
    • Neutral cure, low modulus, high elasticity.
    • Good unprimed adhesion to a variety of substrates.
    • Non-corrosive to metals.
    • Low odor contains a fungicide.
    • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation.
    • Mold and mildew resistant.

    It is important to note that silicone sealants should not be used in areas where they will be in contact with food, or water intended for human consumption, or where they may be exposed to prolonged heat or chemicals. It is also recommended to use appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and eye protection when applying the sealant glue.


    Brand : Dow

    Model : Dowsil 700EU

    Type : Neutral Silicone Sealant

    Compatible For : Wood, glass, stone, concrete, metal, plasterwork, gypsum board, etc.

    Color : Clear

    Package Size : 310ml

    Quantity : 1Pcs

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