Bosch GCO 220 Metal Cut-Off Saw 2200W, 355mm

Bosch GCO 220 Metal Cut-Off Saw - 2200W, 355mm

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    Bosch GCO 220 Metal Cut-Off Saw is a powerful tool designed for cutting through various types of metal. It is equipped with a robust 2,200-watt motor, providing ample power for cutting through metals with ease. It features a large 355mm (14-inch) cutting disc, allowing for deep and precise cuts in metal materials.

    The cut-off saw has a cutting capacity of up to 85mm (3.3 inches) in round metal tubes and profiles. This capacity makes it suitable for various metalworking applications. It is designed with safety in mind. The cut-off saw includes a spindle lock for easy and secure blade changes, as well as a robust metal guard to protect the user from sparks and debris during operation. It comes with a sturdy base, ensuring stability and accuracy while cutting.

    Bosch GCO 220 Metal Cut-Off Saw features a comfortable and ergonomic handle design, providing a secure grip and reducing user fatigue during extended use. Bosch GCO 220 is ideal for a wide range of metal-cutting tasks, including cutting metal pipes, rods, profiles, and more. It is commonly used in metalworking shops, construction sites, and fabrication workshops.

    • Powerful cutting performance: Improved motor design to make tough cutting easier
    • Long lifespan: Improved gearing system increases longevity
    • Easy to carry: Reduced base size improves portability



    Brand : Bosch

    Type : Metal Cut-Off Saw

    Model : GCO 220

    Color : Blue

    Material : Alloy Steel

    Item weight : 8.69 Pounds

    Voltage : 240 Volts

    Power : 2200W

    Cutting Disc Diameter : 355 mm

    Cutting Disc Bore : 25.4 mm

    No-load Speed : 3,800 rpm

    Cutting Capacity At Rectangle 0º : 100 x 196 mm

    Cutting Capacity At Square 0º : 119 x 119 mm

    Cutting Capacity At L-Profile 0º : 130 x 130 mm

    Weight : 15 kg

    Cutting Capacity At Rectangle 45º Mitre : 107 x 115 mm

    Cutting Capacity At Square 45º Mitre : 110 x 110 mm

    Cutting Capacity At L-Profile 45º Mitre : 115 x 115 mm

    Tool Dimensions (Width xL length x Height) : 256 x 520 x 400 mm

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