Baiyun Window Squeegee (25cm) AF06104

Baiyun Window Squeegee (25cm) AF06104

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Type:Window Squeegee

    Baiyun AF06104 Window Squeegee is a handheld cleaning tool used to wipe and remove water or cleaning solutions from windows, mirrors, and other smooth surfaces. The 25cm is the size of the squeegee, specifically, its rubber blade, which is 25 centimeters in length.

    The squeegee typically consists of a handle and a rubber or silicone blade. The blade is the part that comes into direct contact with the surface being cleaned. It is designed to efficiently and effectively remove water, streaks, and dirt, leaving the surface clean and streak-free.

    Baiyun AF06104 Window Squeegee is commonly used by professionals and homeowners alike for cleaning windows, glass doors, car windows, shower doors, and other glass surfaces. They are particularly useful for large, flat areas where using a cloth or paper towel might leave streaks or lint behind.


    • Wiping and cleaning the surfaces of the window
    • It can help you get rid of different dirt marks on surfaces.
    • Durable and solid and it also comes along with spare strips that can be reused as and when the needs arise.
    • Effectively remove water, streaks, and dirt, leaving the surface clean and streak-free.

            Brand : Baiyun

            Item Name : Window Squeegee

            Model : AF06104

            Length : 25cm

            Quantity : 1 No.

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