Baiyun AFBF535 Blower Floor Dryer Orange

Baiyun AFBF535 Blower Floor Dryer - Orange

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Type:Blower Floor Dryer

    Baiyun AFBF535 Blower Floor Dryer is a device used to facilitate the drying of floors, carpets, or other surfaces. They typically use a powerful motor to create a high-speed airflow, which helps in drying wet surfaces quickly. These dryers are often used in commercial settings, construction sites, or places where quick and efficient drying is required.

    • Beautiful appearance, with the advantages of lightness and high flexibility.
    • A safety cover for the motor can prevent sucking any sundries. Superfan–turbo–motor can produce strong airflow to improve work efficiency.
    • Polythene outer shell can protect the inner components and make the machine safe and durable.
    • Strong airflow and little noise make it suitable for hotels, large workshops, warehouses, marketplaces, and other wet places.

        Brand : Baiyun

        Item Name : Blower Floor Dryer

        Model : AFBF535

        Color : Orange

        Power : 850 W

        Voltage : 220 - 240 V

        Length of Cable : 6 m

        Weight : 15.5 Kg

        Rotate speed : H M L

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