AZ Hygiene AZ1133L4 Auto Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser 900ml White

AZ Hygiene AZ1133L4 Auto Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser 900ml - White

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Brand:AZ Hygiene
Type:Hand Soap Dispenser

    AZ Hygiene AZ1133L4 Auto Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser is a device designed to automatically dispense liquid hand soap without the need for manual pumping or pressing. It typically features a sensor that detects when a hand is placed under the dispenser, triggering the release of soap in a controlled amount.

    The sensor detects hand movement and dispenses an appropriate amount of liquid soap, reducing the need for direct contact and promoting hygiene. It has a capacity of 900ml, which means it can hold a substantial amount of liquid soap before requiring a refill. It is likely powered by batteries, making it convenient to place in various locations without the need for electrical outlets.

    The dispenser is designed in a white color, which is a common choice for bathroom and kitchen accessories as it complements various decor styles. The touchless operation minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of germs. It is designed to be easily refilled when the soap runs out, providing a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

    • Stylish, slim, and compact design
    • Dual refill system: Bulk refill container / Disposable cartridge with integrated dispensing pump
    • Touch-free feature able to enhance hygiene and reduce cross-contamination
    • Able to fit multiple pump heads to dispense different types of solutions to meet customer demand.
    • Dispenses the right portion of liquid automatically
    • 2 seconds interval between hand detection
    • Made from 100% virgin material to ensure durability
    • Soap-level viewing window
    • Key lock system to prevent pilferage
    • 1 Liter capacity enables 2000 shots of liquid soap dispenser

      Brand : AZ Hygiene

      Item Name : Auto Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser

      Model : AZ1133L4

      Color : White

      Material : ABS / HDPE

      Battery : 4 C size batteries (Heavy duty and above)

      Capacity : 900ml

      Dimensions : 113(L) x 122(W) x 260(H)

      Type : Pump System

      Dispensing Volume : 0.50ml per shot

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