AZ Hygiene AZ-800 Hand Soap Dispenser 800ml White & Transparent Blue

AZ Hygiene AZ-800 Hand Soap Dispenser 800ml - White & Transparent Blue

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Brand:AZ Hygiene
Type:Hand Soap Dispenser

    AZ Hygiene AZ-800 Hand Soap Dispenser is designed for commercial or high-traffic areas. The dispenser's capacity of 800ml means it can hold a significant amount of soap, reducing the need for frequent refills in busy settings. The color combination of White and Transparent Blue suggests a modern and clean design, which may be appealing for various types of environments, including offices, restaurants, schools, or public restrooms.

    The white color typically gives a sense of cleanliness and neutrality, while the transparent blue part allows users to see the soap level inside, making it easier to determine when a refill is needed. The transparency also adds a contemporary touch to the overall appearance.

    Hand soap dispensers are essential for maintaining proper hygiene and preventing the spread of germs. With a larger capacity like 800ml, this dispenser is likely suitable for locations with a high number of users, minimizing the maintenance efforts.

    • Stylish, slim, and compact design
    • Equip with a refillable container with a lid
    • Dispenser made from 100% virgin material to ensure durability
    • A durable tube system with high-grade silicon tube
    • Soap-level viewing window
    • Hidden keyless lock system
    • Optional transparent cover for easy soap usage level viewing

      Brand : AZ Hygiene

      Item Name : Hand Soap Dispenser

      Model : AZ-800

      Color : White & Transparent Blue

      Material : ABS / HDPE

      Capacity : 800ml

      Dimensions : 133(L) x 88(W) x 237(H)

      Type: Tube System

      Dispensing Volume : 0.40ml per shot

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