Zalat ZAK S3 High Ankle Safety Shoes - Black

Zalat ZAK S3 High Ankle Safety Shoes - Black

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    Zalat ZAK S3 High Ankle Safety Shoes are designed to provide protection and safety in various work environments. These safety shoes are specifically designed with a high ankle design and a steel toe cap for enhanced safety features.

    Zalat safety shoes are designed to meet the S3 safety category, which indicates a high level of protection. They comply with the relevant safety standards, such as EN ISO 20345:2011, ensuring that the shoes meet specific requirements for impact resistance, slip resistance, and other safety features.

    The shoes are equipped with a steel toe cap, providing protection against impact and compression hazards. The steel toe cap is designed to withstand a certain amount of force and safeguard your toes from potential injuries caused by falling objects or heavy equipment. The outsole of the shoes is designed to provide excellent slip resistance, reducing the risk of slipping and falling in slippery or wet conditions.

    Zalat ZAK S3 High Ankle Safety Shoes are typically designed with comfort and durability in mind. They often feature cushioning and ergonomic design elements to ensure comfort during long hours of wear. The shoes are also made from durable materials to withstand the demands of various work environments.

    • Water Resistant Top Grain Genuine Breathable Leather.
    • Energy Absorbing Heels.
    • Padded Insole With Black Mesh Lining.
    • Outsole: Pu/Pu Injection.
    • Sole: Heavy duty double-density grey pu sole with broad steel toe and flexible steel plate.
    • Abrasion and penetration resistant.
    • Raised toe for added protection and glossy finish.

    Brand : Zalat

    Type : Safety Shoe

    Model : ZAK (S3-SRA STANDARD)

    Outsole : PU/PU Injection

    Color : Black

    Lining : White

    Toe Type : Steel Toe

    Material : Leather

    Oil Resistant : Yes

    Ankle Type : High

    WaterProof : Yes

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