YW03 9V DC Photoelectric Smoke Alarm White

YW03 9V DC Photoelectric Smoke Alarm - White

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Type:Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

    YW03 9V DC Photoelectric Smoke Alarm is a smoke detector that uses a photoelectric sensor to detect smoke particles in the air. It is a small, white device that is typically installed on the ceiling or wall of a room.

    YW03 9V DC Photoelectric Smoke Alarm is battery-operated, and it requires a 9-volt battery to function. The device also features a low-battery indicator, which alerts users when the battery needs to be replaced. We recommend one Smoke Alarm on every floor, in every sleeping area, and in every bedroom. 

    In new construction, the Smoke Alarm must be DC powered and interconnected. For additional coverage, it is recommended that you install a Smoke Alarm in all rooms, hall, storage areas, finished attics, and basements, where temperatures normally remain between 14°F(-10°C) and 147°F(60°C). Make sure no door or other obstruction could keep smoke from reaching the W03 9V DC Photoelectric Smoke Alarm.

    On every level of your home, including finished attics and basements. Inside every bedroom, especially if people sleep with the door partly or completely closed. In the hall near every sleeping area., If your home has multiple sleeping areas, install a unit in each. If the hall is more than 40 feet (12 meters) long, install a unit at each end.  

    At the top of the first-to-second-floor stairway, and at the bottom of the basement stairway.


    • Photoelectric technology is more sensitive at detecting large particles of fires
    • The perfect mounting system allows easy installation & positioning
    • Dust cover keeps alarm clean during the construction
    • Alarm mounting hardware, mounting bracket, user's manual, and 9V backup battery included
    • Single button test/silence
    • Designed for quick and easy installation


    DO NOT stand close to YW03 9V DC Photoelectric Smoke Alarm when the horn is sounding. Exposure at close range may be harmful to your hearing. When testing, step away when the horn starts sounding.

    It is important to test this unit every week to make sure it is working properly. Using the test button is the recommended way to test YW03 9V DC Photoelectric Smoke Alarm. Press and hold the test button on the cover of the unit until the alarm sounds. If it does not alarm, make sure the unit is receiving power and test it again. If it still does not alarm, replace it immediately. During testing, you will hear a loud, repeating horn pattern:3beeps, pause, 3beeps, pause. 


    Item Name : Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

    Model : YW03

    Color : White

    Alarm Dimension : Φ4.1" dia.,2.1" ht.

    Net Weight : 135g

    Working Current : Static Current : ≤12µA
    Alarm Current : ≤15µA

    Operation Voltage : DC9V

    Audio Alarm : 85 Db at 10 feet.

    Temp Range : 14°F(-10°C) and 147°F(60°C)

    Humidity Range : ≤95%RH (40±2°C)

    Battery : 9V Battery back-up for at Last 1 year

    Protection Area : 6m high, 60m²

    Test Button : Electronically simulates smoke condition
    causing the unit alarm.

    Alarm Reset : Automatic when smoke clears

    Indicator LEDS : Intermittent Red LED

    DC Power : Audio alarm and rapidly

    Local Alarm : Flashing Red LED

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