Vita Plastic Mop Holder CJ9001F - Red, Yellow, Blue & Green

Vita Plastic Mop Holder CJ9001F - Red, Yellow, Blue & Green

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Collections:Household Supplies
Type:Plastic Mop Holder

    Vita CJ9001F Plastic Mop Holder is a household tool designed to securely hold and store mops when they are not in use. It helps keep mops organized, prevents them from falling over, and allows them to air dry properly, thus prolonging their lifespan. The holder is made of plastic, which is lightweight, durable, and resistant to moisture and rust.


    • These clips have been designed so that they can be used alongside mop heads.
    • They can attach to aluminum handles and at the same time, they offer significant ease of use.
    • It is safe for low-level paint and doesn’t lead to any kind of scratches whatsoever.
    • They can be connected to mop heads and aluminum handles to make cleaning easier and a whole lot more efficient as well.

    Brand : Vita

    Item Name : Plastic Mop Holder

    Model : CJ9001F

    Color : Red, Yellow, Blue & Green

    Material : Plastic

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