Veto VELSL3B 3W LED Step Light Black White Light

Veto VELSL3B 3W LED Step Light Black - White Light

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Type:LED Step Light

    Veto VELSL3B 3W LED Step Light in black color that emits white light. It is a lighting fixture designed specifically for step illumination in residential or commercial settings. This model features a sleek black housing that blends well with various architectural styles. The white light produced by the LED provides bright and clear illumination, enhancing visibility and reducing the risk of accidents or falls in dimly lit areas.

    The light consumes 3 watts of power, offering an efficient lighting solution with reduced energy consumption compared to traditional incandescent or halogen lights. The step light is built to withstand outdoor conditions and is resistant to dust, moisture, and UV radiation, ensuring its longevity and performance in different environments.

    Veto VELSL3B 3W LED Step Light can be easily mounted on steps or walls, either horizontally or vertically, using the provided hardware. The black housing of the step light is designed to be unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. It integrates seamlessly with the surrounding environment, providing a discreet lighting solution. The white light emitted by the LED is bright enough to illuminate steps and surrounding areas effectively, improving safety and visibility.

    • Low power consumption
    • Energy-efficient
    • Long lifespan, and versatility
    • 80% Energy saving

    Brand : Veto

    Type : LED Step Light

    Model : VELSL3B

    Power : 3W

    Color : White Light

    Light Color : Black

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