Vaultex MPG 100% Twill Pant & Shirt With Reflective - Grey

Vaultex MPG 100% Twill Pant & Shirt With Reflective - Grey

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Type:Pant & Shirt

    Vaultex MPG 100% Twill Pant and Shirt with Reflective is a type of workwear designed for durability and safety. The pants and shirt are made from 100% twill fabric. Twill is a sturdy, woven fabric known for its diagonal pattern. It provides excellent durability, making it suitable for rugged work environments.

    The pants and shirt are designed to provide comfort and functionality. They usually feature multiple pockets for storage, including back pockets, side pockets, and sometimes cargo pockets. The shirt may have a button-down front and a collar, while the pants typically have a zipper fly and belt loops.

    The notable feature of Vaultex Pant and Shirt is the inclusion of reflective elements. These reflective strips or patches are strategically placed on the garment to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. Workwear with reflective elements is often used in industries where visibility is crucial, such as construction, roadwork, and utility services. 

    Vaultex MPG 100% Twill Pant and Shirt with Reflective provide durability, comfort, and functionality, making them suitable for demanding work environments. The reflective elements significantly improve visibility, especially during nighttime or in dimly lit areas, thereby enhancing safety for the wearer.



    • 2 Chest Pockets with Zip Closure Compartment & 2 Lower Swing Pockets with Velcro Flap
    • Reflective Tapes on Both Sleeves & shoulders 



    • 2 Swing Pockets, 2 Side Pockets with Velcro Flap, 2 Side Pockets with Velcro & 2 Back Pockets with Velcro Flap
    • Elasticized Waist Band At The Back For Improved Comfort
    • Reflective Tapes on Both Legs
    • Sanforized, Mercerized & Pre-Shrunk
    • All Stress Points are Reinforced with Bar Tack
    • Stitched Seams with Colorfast Thread 



    Brand : Vaultex

    Type : Reflective Pant & Shirt

    Model : MPC

    Color : Grey

    Fabric Thickness : 190 GSM

    Style : European

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