Vaultex AFH Anti-Vibration Mechanical Gloves Black

Vaultex AFH Anti-Vibration Mechanical Gloves - Black

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Size: 8/M
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Type:Safety Gloves

    Vaultex AFH Anti-Vibration Mechanical Gloves are a type of protective gloves designed to reduce the impact of vibrations and provide enhanced grip and dexterity for mechanical work.

    Anti-vibration gloves are typically used in industries where workers are exposed to high levels of vibrations, such as construction, mining, manufacturing, and power tool operations. They may have textured surfaces or specialized grip materials to improve the handling of tools and objects.

    Vaultex Safety gloves are engineered with features to help absorb and dampen vibrations, minimizing their effects on the wearer. They often include vibration-absorbing materials or padding, such as gel inserts or foam padding, strategically placed in the palm, fingers, and other areas of the glove. 

    Vaultex AFH Anti-Vibration Mechanical Gloves are designed to provide a good level of finger flexibility and tactile sensitivity, allowing users to perform intricate tasks with ease. They are often made from high-quality materials that offer a balance of comfort, durability, and breathability.

    • Made with fiber for good breathability & durability
    • Palm coated with black foam latex
    • Reduces the harm of hand vibration syndrome in the workplace
    • Anti-slip, anti-vibration, abrasion & puncture-resistant

    Brand : Vaultex

    Type : Mechanical Gloves

    Model : AFH

    Color : Black

    Application : Used in Mining, Construction, and Construction.

    Size : 8(M) - 9(L) - 10(XL)

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