TMB Cube 40 Three Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 50L

TMB Cube 40 Three Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 50L

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Type:Vacuum Cleaner

    TMB Cube 40 Three Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful and robust cleaning equipment designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in industrial settings. The vacuum cleaner is powered by a three-phase motor. Three-phase motors offer higher efficiency, power, and durability, making them suitable for handling tough cleaning jobs in industrial environments.

    The vacuum cleaner is built with sturdy and durable materials to withstand the demands of industrial use. It can handle various types of debris, including dust, dirt, metal shavings, liquids, and other potentially hazardous materials. It has a large capacity of 50 liters, meaning it can hold a significant amount of debris before needing to be emptied. This is beneficial for continuous cleaning without frequent interruptions.

    TMB Cube 40 Three Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is typically equipped with robust wheels or casters, making them easy to move around the workspace, even in large facilities. These vacuum cleaners often come with safety features such as thermal overload protection to prevent motor overheating and electrical hazards.


    • Maximum output in minimal space
    • Compact, manageable, and easy to move
    • Entry-level wet/dry industrial vacuums for great quality and value
    • The coaxial induction turbine in CUBE 40 provides optimal performance, durability, and continuous duty
    • Ideal for use in small spaces, indoors or outdoors

        Brand : TMB

        Item Name : Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

        Model : TM109041 CUBE TRIFAS

        Tension Frequency : 380-400 / 50-60 V/Hz

        Rated Motor Power Intake : 3000W

        Type of Suction : Wet & Dry

        Air Flow : 270m³/h

        Suction Vacuum : 30 kPa

        Total Capacity Of Collecting Drum : 50L

        Collection Tank Material : Acciaio

        Power Cord Length : 10m

        Weight of the Appliance : 90Kg

        Dimension : 53 x 58 x 130 (L x W x H)

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