Terminator TTWM 3770F LED/LCD TV Wall Mount, 37 - 70 inch

Terminator TTWM 3770F LED/LCD TV Wall Mount, 37 - 70 inch

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    Terminator TTWM 3770F TV Flat Wall Mount, the perfect TV wall mount for your lcd and led tv. with different height adjustment socket for different Monitor panel sizes. Features an inbuilt level for sharper fixing angle & innovative design to balance weight to remain fixed in place. Mount can be adjusted to suit your panel. The most significant benefit of wall-mounted TVs is the space it saves. Wires can be hidden, making the room less cluttered, and reducing the risk of tripping over them or from pets and children.

    • 37 to 70-inch support.
    • For LED & LCD TVs.
    • Easy & Effortless Installation
    • Inbuilt Level checker for Easy installation
    • Save Table Space.
    • Helps your Screens be away from kids reach.
    • Adjustable between 37-inch to 70-inch TV's.
    • Strong & Long Lasting
    • Flat and perfect for slim TV's.

    Brand : Terminator

    Model : TTWM 3770F

    Suitable for : 37-inch to 70-inch Screen

    Suppots : LED / LCD / OLED

    Color : Black

    Material : Steel

    Description : TV Wall Mount

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