Teka Modular Gas Hob EFX 30.1 2G AI AL CI in Dubai, UAE

Teka Modular Gas Hob EFX 30.1 2G AI AL CI

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Type:Gas Hobs

    Teka EFX 30.1 2G AI AL CI Modular Gas Hob is a type of kitchen appliance that provides a flexible and customizable cooking surface using gas burners. It is designed to fit into a modular or built-in kitchen countertop, offering a sleek and integrated look. Each burner on the hob is a separate cooking zone to cook multiple dishes simultaneously at different heat levels.

    A modular gas hob typically has multiple gas burners, each with its own control knob. These burners can vary in size and heat output to accommodate different cooking needs. Each burner is equipped with its own control knob to adjust the flame intensity and heat level independently. The separate burners function as individual cooking zones. This modular design enables the efficient cooking of various dishes at the same time.

    The design of modular gas hobs makes them relatively easy to clean, with removable burner caps and smooth surfaces. Teka EFX 30.1 2G AI AL CI Modular Gas Hob is generally considered more energy-efficient and responsive compared to electric cooktops. The direct flame allows for quick heating and precise temperature control.

    • Modular gas hob
    • Stainless steel Surface
    • Cast iron grid
    • Auto-ignition
    • Auto-lock safety device
    • High-Efficiency burners
    • Metallic-looking frontal knob
    • 2 cooking zone:
    • 1 fast burner (1.00 kW)
    • 1 auxiliary burner (1.00 kW)
    • Gas typology: LPG (butane/propane), natural

    Brand : Teka

    Item Name : Gas Hob

    Model : EFX 30.1 2G AI AL CI

    Color : Silver

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Height (mm) : 91

    Width (mm) : 305

    Depth (mm) : 510

    Frequency (Hz) : 50/60

    Maximum Nominal Power (W) (Gas) : 3800

    Gas Type : Butane

    Autoignition : Yes

    Cooking Zones : 2

    Power Rate (V) : 220-240

    Cable Connection Length (cm) : 100

    Grid Type : Conected Grid

    Net Weight : 4.9

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