Teka Built-In Washing Machine LSI5 1481 EU EXP in Dubai, UAE

Teka Built-In Washing Machine LSI5 1481 EU EXP

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Type:Washing Machine

    Teka LSI5 1481 EU EXP Built-In Washing Machine is designed to be installed seamlessly within a kitchen or laundry room cabinet. It is concealed behind a cabinet door or a panel, creating a unified and streamlined look in the living space. The primary advantage of a built-in washing machine is its ability to blend into the surrounding decor. The appliance is hidden from view, creating a more cohesive and visually appealing environment.

    Built-in washing machines are particularly useful in smaller spaces, as they allow for better utilization of available rooms. They can be positioned under countertops or inside cabinets, freeing up floor space for other purposes. It often comes with custom panel options, allowing homeowners to match the appliance's exterior with the rest of the cabinetry in the room.

    Teka LSI5 1481 EU EXP Built-In Washing Machine typically offers similar washing and drying capabilities as standalone washing machines. They may come with various washing programs, temperature settings, and load capacities.

    • Built-in Washer-Dryer
    • Electronic control panel
    • Washing capacity: 8 kg
    • Drying capacity: 5 kg
    • Washing programs: 13
    • Drying programs: 2
    • Fast program: 14 minutes
    • Special programs: ECO mode, Delicate
    • Special functions: Delay timer, Stain type, Time dry
    • Condenser heat pump
    • Maximum spinning speed: 1400 RPM
    • Automatic water regulation
    • Automatic door lock safety system
    • Child lock
    • SoftCare drum
    • Delay timer: 1-24 hours
    • 35 cm wide porthole door

    Brand : Teka

    Item Name : Washing Machine

    Model : LSI5 1481 EU EXP

    Color : White

    Height (mm): 820

    Width (mm): 596

    Depth (mm): 570

    Frequency (Hz) : 50 Hz

    Power Rate (V) : 220-240

    Type of Installation : Built-in

    Drying Capacity (Kgs) : 5

    Energy Consumption (kWh/year) : 220

    Water Consumption (litres/year) : 11000

    Maximum Nominal Power (W) : 1600

    Nominal Power Motor (W) : 350

    Stainless Steel Drum : Yes

    Number of Programs : 13

    Net Weight (Kg): 64

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