Stanley STXH2000 Variable Speed Heat Gun 2000W

Stanley STXH2000 Variable Speed Heat Gun - 2000W

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    Stanley STXH2000 Variable Speed Heat Gun is a powerful tool designed for various heating applications. With its 2000-watt motor, it provides high heat output to tackle a wide range of tasks. This heat gun offers variable speed control, allow to adjust the airflow and temperature according to your needs. The adjustable speed settings provide versatility and precision for different applications.

    The Variable Speed Heat Gun offers a temperature range between 50°C (122°F) and 650°C (1202°F). This wide temperature range enables to work on tasks requiring both low and high heat levels. It is equipped with a 2000-watt motor, delivering rapid heat-up and consistent performance for efficient operation. The heat gun incorporates built-in overheat protection to prevent the tool from overheating during prolonged use or in case of any malfunctions. 

    The heat gun is designed with user comfort in mind. It features an ergonomic handle for a secure grip and extended usage without discomfort. The lightweight construction further aids in reducing fatigue during prolonged tasks. It is suitable for various applications such as paint stripping, thawing pipes, loosening rusted bolts, shrink-wrapping, bending plastic pipes, and many more.

    Stanley STXH2000 Variable Speed Heat Gun typically comes with a set of nozzle attachments to accommodate different tasks. These attachments may include a reflector nozzle for concentrated heat, a glass protection nozzle for delicate surfaces, and a wide-mouth nozzle for broader coverage.

    • Both hands can be free for soldering or bending operations
    • Standing facility allows using both hands for soldering or bending operations.
    • Ergonomic handle design for comfortable use even over extended periods of time.
    • Variable heat setting for material appropriate working and a large variety of applications.
    • 2 speed heat gun with variable heat control giving maximum control in all heat gun applications
    • Lock-on switch for continuous use applications

    Brand : Stanley

    Type : Variable Speed Heat Gun

    Model : STXH2000

    Color : Yellow

    Length (mm) : 290

    Height (mm) : 92

    Power : 2000W

    Operating Temperature : 90-600 °C

    Air Flow : 300/500 l/min

    Weight : 100 g

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