Scafatio SCAF PUFM 0423 PU Foam-071 750ml - Off White

Scafatio SCAF PUFM 0423 PU Foam-071 750ml - Off White

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Type:PU Foam Sealant

    Scafatio SCAF PUFM 0423 PU Foam-071 750ml appears to be a type of polyurethane foam used for various applications. Polyurethane foam (PU foam) is a versatile material known for its excellent insulation properties, durability, and ability to expand and fill gaps. It is commonly used in construction, automotive, and other industries for insulation, sealing, and filling purposes.

    PU foam typically comes in aerosol cans or two-part liquid formulations that react and expand when mixed together. The 750ml measurement likely indicates the volume of foam contained in the can. The "Off White" color suggests that the foam, once expanded, will have an off-white appearance.

    • High Quality.
    • Multipurpose Sealant.
    • All Purpose PU Foam.
    • High Foaming Rate.
    • Lower Energy costs.
    • It is best as Insulator & Soundproofing. 


    Brand : Scafatio

    Type : PU Foam-071

    Model : SCAF PUFM 0423

    Material : Polyurethane Foam

    Color : Off White

    Net Quantity : 750ml

    In Box : 750ml Pack of 1pc

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