Scafatio MD Fiber Manhole Cover - 30 X 30, Black

Scafatio MD Fiber Manhole Cover - 30 X 30, Black

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Type:Manhole Cover

    Scafatio MD Fiber Manhole Cover Scafatio MD Fiber Manhole Cover is a removable lid that is used to cover an opening in a manhole, allowing access to underground utility tunnels, maintenance shafts, or sewer systems. It is commonly used in various utility infrastructure systems, such as sewer systems, telecommunication networks, and electrical distribution networks.

    Fiber manhole covers offer several advantages over traditional cast iron covers. They are lightweight, yet durable and strong, making them easier to handle and install. The composite materials used in their construction make them resistant to corrosion, rust, and weathering, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to cast iron covers. Additionally, the black color provides good visibility and helps prevent accidents by making the cover more noticeable. 

    • It is easy to handle the manhole cover.
    • Locked Facility Available In Manhole Cover with Hinges.
    • Suitable for commercial, residential, and municipal applications.
    • We also provide a large selection of coverings in various forms and sizes.
    • This kind of cover will not be corroded by rainwater or moving vehicles and comes with appropriate fitting.

    Brand : Scafatio

    Type : Manhole Cover

    Model : MD

    Material : Fiber

    Color : Black

    Shape : Square

    Size : 30 X 30

    Quantity : 1 Pcs

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