Sanitar SANI-014 Angle Valve - Brass

Sanitar SANI-014 Angle Valve - Brass

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Type:Angle Valve

    Sanitar SANI-014 B Angle Valve is a type of plumbing valve made from brass. It is designed for use in plumbing systems to control the flow of water or other fluids. The angle valve is named so because of its angled shape, which allows for convenient installation in tight spaces or where the water supply line needs to be redirected.

    The valve is constructed from brass, which is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. Brass valves are commonly used in plumbing applications due to their strength and reliability. The size of the valve is usually indicated by the diameter of the pipe it is compatible with.

    The angle valve has a 90-degree bend in its body, allowing the water flow to change direction. This design is particularly useful when connecting pipes in confined spaces or when there is a need for redirection. It is typically designed for quarter-turn operation, which means it can be easily opened or closed with a 90-degree rotation of the handle. This provides quick and convenient control of the water flow.

    Sanitar SANI-014 Angle Valve is commonly used in various plumbing applications, such as connecting supply lines to toilets, sinks, and other fixtures. They are also used in heating systems, appliances, and other plumbing installations.

    • Provides quick and convenient control of the water flow
    • Compact and space-saving design
    • Durable, corrosion resistance, and long-lasting performance

    Brand : Sanitar

    Type : Angle Valve

    Model : SANI-014

    Material : Brass

    Quantity : 1 Pcs

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