ROJ Traffic Baton Light - Red/Green

ROJ Traffic Baton Light - Red/Green

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Type:Baton Light

    ROJ Traffic Baton Light is a portable signaling device used primarily by traffic controllers, law enforcement personnel, and other individuals responsible for directing traffic or ensuring safety in various situations. The baton light features both red and green colors, which are commonly associated with traffic control and signaling.

    The baton light typically has two light-emitting sections, one in red and the other in green. These lights can be activated individually or together to convey different signals and instructions. The baton light utilizes LED technology, known for its energy efficiency, brightness, and durability. It may offer multiple lighting modes, allowing users to choose different flash patterns or steady-on illumination. 

    ROJ Traffic Baton Light is designed to be portable and easy to handle. It is typically compact and lightweight, making it convenient for traffic control personnel to carry and use during their duties. To withstand outdoor conditions, the baton light often has a weather-resistant or waterproof construction. This ensures that it can operate reliably in different weather conditions, including rain or extreme temperatures.

  • Lightweight and single-button operation
  • Red & Green blinker traffic light
  • Attachment for hanging
  • Weather Resistant
  • Super-bright LED
  • Rechargeable


    Type : Traffic Baton Light

    Model : ROJ

    Color : Red/Green

    Lighting Mode : Red Flashing/Green Steady Light

    Beam Angle : 360 Degree

    Suitable For : Traffic control, Construction site, Climbing, and Camping contact.

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