Puma S3 ESD SRC Condor Mid Ankle Safety Shoes - Black

Puma S3 ESD SRC Condor Mid Ankle Safety Shoes - Black

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    Puma S3 ESD SRC Condor Mid Ankle Safety Shoes are a specific model of safety footwear manufactured by Puma. The safety shoes meet the S3 safety standard, which is a European standard that defines the requirements for safety footwear. The S3 standard indicates that the shoes have features such as a protective toe cap, closed heel area, antistatic properties, energy absorption in the heel, water resistance, and puncture resistance.

    The shoes are also ESD certified, which means they have been designed to provide protection against electrostatic discharge. This feature is particularly important in workplaces where static electricity can pose a risk to sensitive electronic equipment or in environments where flammable substances are present.

    SRC rating indicates that the outsole of the shoes has been tested and found to provide the highest level of slip resistance on both ceramic tile and steel surfaces. This feature helps to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls in various working conditions.

    Puma S3 ESD SRC Condor Mid Ankle Safety Shoes have a mid-ankle design, which means they provide additional support and protection to the ankle area compared to low-cut safety shoes. This design can be beneficial for individuals working in environments where there is a higher risk of ankle injuries.

    • Footbed: Evercushion® pro ESD
    • Shaft: Smooth Full Leather
    • Protection: Metal-free, flexible FAP® midsole, steel toe cap
    • Sole: REBOUND - Compact PU outsole with a midsole made of durable EFFECT.FOAM® for excellent cushioning
    • Plus: ESD, metal-free upper - no exposed metal parts
    • Feed: Breath Active functional lining

      Brand : Puma

      Type : Safety Shoes

      Model : 630101 S3 ESD SRC

      Color : Black

      Style : Mid Ankle

      Sole : PU Sole

      Material : Full Grain Leather

      Toe Type : Steel Toe Cap

      Lining : Breath Active Functional Lining

      Footwear-Closure Type : Lace-ups

      Application : Construction, Craftsmen, Industry

      Size : 39 - 47

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