Puma S1P ESD HRO SRC Charge Low Ankle Safety Shoes - Black

Puma S1P ESD HRO SRC Charge Low Ankle Safety Shoes - Black

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    Puma S1P ESD HRO SRC Charge Low Ankle Safety Shoes are a specific model of safety shoes manufactured by Puma. The shoes comply with the safety standards of S1P, ESD, HRO, and SRC. S1P is a safety category that indicates the shoes have toe protection and meet additional requirements, such as closed heel area, antistatic properties, energy absorption in the heel, and resistance to fuel oil.

    ESD feature means that these shoes have been designed to reduce the build-up and discharge of static electricity, providing protection in environments where electrostatic discharge can damage sensitive electronic equipment or pose a safety hazard. HRO designation indicates that the shoes have heat-resistant outsoles capable of withstanding contact with hot surfaces, such as asphalt or metal, without melting or deteriorating.

    The SRC certification signifies that the shoes have been tested and proven to offer excellent slip resistance on both ceramic tiles with a sodium lauryl sulfate solution (SLS) and steel surfaces with glycerol, meeting the highest level of slip resistance requirements.

    Overall, Puma S1P ESD HRO SRC Charge Low Ankle Safety Shoes are designed to provide protection in a variety of working environments, including those with electrostatic discharge concerns, hot surfaces, and potential slip hazards.

    • Footbed: Evercushion® CUSTOM FIT
    • Upper: SAFETY KNIT®
    • Protection: Fiberglass cap and flexible FAP®lite penetration protection
    • Sole: Rubber sole MOTION CL
    • Plus: Metal-free, TPU protection in the toe and heel area
    • Lining: BreathActive functional lining

    Brand : Puma

    Type : Safety Shoes

    Model : 644540 S1P ESD HRO SRC

    Color : Black

    Style : Low Ankle

    Sole : Rubber Sole MOTION CL

    Material : Textile Fabric

    Lining : BreathActive Functional Lining

    Size : 36 - 47

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