PKA Traffic Baton Light - Green

PKA Traffic Baton Light - Green

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Type:Baton Light

    PKA Traffic Baton Light is a type of signaling device commonly used by traffic control personnel, law enforcement officers, and others involved in directing or controlling traffic. The green color typically indicates that traffic can proceed or that a specific area is open for movement.

    The Baton Light is designed to be highly visible, even in low-light conditions or during adverse weather. It usually features bright LED lights that emit a green-colored beam, making it easy for drivers and pedestrians to see and follow instructions. The baton light often has multiple lighting modes, including steady or flashing patterns, which can be adjusted based on the specific traffic situation.

    Traffic control personnel typically use PKA Traffic Baton Light to guide vehicles and pedestrians, especially at intersections, road construction sites, or during events where traffic management is required. The green light signifies that it is safe for vehicles to proceed or pedestrians to cross the designated area.

  • Lightweight and single-button operation
  • Green Flashing/Green Steady Light
  • Attachment for hanging
  • Weather Resistant
  • Super-bright LED


    Type : Traffic Baton Light

    Model : PKA

    Color : Green

    Lighting Mode : Green Flashing/Green Steady Light

    Diameter : 4cm

    Length : 54cm

    Suitable For : Traffic control, Construction site, Climbing, and Camping contact.

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