Osram Dulux D CFL Bulb, Energy Saving Lamp 13W/865, 855lm, G24d-1 Cool Daylight

Osram Dulux D CFL Bulb, Energy Saving Lamp 13W/865, 855lm, G24d-1 - Cool Daylight

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Type:CFL Bulb

    Osram Dulux D CFL bulb is an energy-efficient lamp that has a power rating of 13 watts and a light output of 855 lumens. The bulb emits cool daylight with a color temperature of 865, which means it has a bluish-white hue that simulates natural daylight.

    The G24d-1 base of the bulb makes it compatible with a variety of fixtures, including desk lamps, pendant lights, and ceiling fixtures. The Dulux D CFL bulb is designed to last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, making it an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their energy consumption and save on their electricity bills.

    When replacing a bulb with Osram Dulux D CFL bulb, make sure that the wattage of the new bulb matches the wattage of the old bulb. Also, be sure to dispose of the old bulb properly, as it contains small amounts of mercury. Many hardware stores and recycling centers offer programs to safely dispose of CFL bulbs.

    • Osram Dulux D CFL Bulb is suitable for use in offices, public buildings, shops, supermarkets, department stores, hotels, restaurants, and industry.
    • These Energy Saving Lamps have improved maintenance.
    • Good color rendering index lamp.
    • Short and compact pin-base lamp with double-turn tubes.
    • Single-ended two-pin plug-in G24d base.

    Brand : Osram

    Type : CFL Lamp

    Model : Dulux D

    Light Color : Cool Daylight

    Bulb base : G24d-1

    Watts : 13W

    Lumen : 855 lm

    T [kelvin] : 6500 K

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