MV6303 Dustpan Set Multicolors

MV6303 Dustpan Set - Multicolors

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Type:Dustpan Set

    Dustpan Set is a cleaning tool designed to make sweeping and collecting debris easier. The dustpan is a flat, shallow, and often slightly curved container with a handle. It is used to collect dirt, dust, and small debris from the floor, making it convenient to dispose of the waste.

    Dustpan set is commonly used in households, offices, and various cleaning settings to quickly and efficiently clean up small messes and maintain cleanliness in the surroundings. They come in various sizes, materials, and designs, catering to different needs and preferences.

    • The dust pan is rubber edged for easy dirt pickup.
    • The bristles on the brush are made of plastic for durability.
    • Brushes have plastic gripping texture.

        Item Name : Dustpan Set

        Model : MV6303

        Color : Multicolor

        Material : Plastic

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