Mr. Brush MR780 & MR785 Dustpan Set Multicolor

Mr. Brush MR780 & MR785 Dustpan Set - Multicolor

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Brand:Mr. Brush
Type:Dustpan Set

    Mr. Brush MR780 & MR785 Dustpan Set is a cleaning tool used for sweeping and collecting dust, dirt, and small debris from floors. The dustpan is a flat, shallow container with a slightly curved edge. It is usually made of plastic or metal and has a handle attached to one side. The handle allows for easy gripping and lifting while in use.

    The dustpan set often includes a broom, which is a long-handled cleaning tool with bristles at one end. The broom is used to sweep the dirt and debris into the dustpan for collection. Dustpan set is a convenient and practical tool for everyday cleaning tasks, making it easier to keep the floors tidy and free of dust and dirt.

    • Easy to use and Durable
    • Made from quality raw material
    • Affordable
    • High demand

        Brand : Mr. Brush

        Item Name : Dustpan Set

        Model : MR780 & MR785

        Color : Multicolor

        Material : Plastic

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