Modi HT3003L 3W LED Underground Lamp Warm White

Modi HT3003L 3W LED Underground Lamp - Warm White

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Type:LED Underground Lamp

    Modi HT3003L 3W LED Underground Lamp is an outdoor lighting fixture that is designed to be installed underground, usually in gardens, parks, and walkways. The lamp emits a low-intensity light that is directed downward, creating a subtle and atmospheric illumination effect.

    Modi HT3003L 3W LED Underground Light has a stainless steel body that is resistant to corrosion and damage caused by weather conditions. The lamp uses energy-efficient LED technology that consumes low power and has a long lifespan. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. It is designed to be buried in the ground, leaving only the top surface visible.

    • It is widely used in residential, streets, statues, signs, squares, gardens, parking lot, hotels, and so on.
    • High-power underground lamp using purity die-casting aluminum to guarantee a long time.
    • Good corrosion and cracking compressive resistance.
    • Not changing color after the good painting process.
    • To ensure life safety, recommend choosing low voltage 12V or 24V, and checking the security of the lamp regularly.
    • Daily use ≤12 hours, guarantee for two years.

    Brand Name : Modi

    Item Name : LED Underground Lamp

    Model : HT3003L

    Item No : MD-B0103

    Color : Warm White

    Power output : 3W

    Voltage : AC220-240V

    Power Frequency : 50/60Hz

    Luminous : ≥240lm Ra ≥80.

    Body Size : 65x80mm

    Waterproof Grade : IP65

    Beam Angle : 30°

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